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  • Ericsson
  • LG
  • Sharp
  • Siemens
  • Sony-Ericsson

CRUISER is the first STANDALONE SOFTWARE for unlocking, changing language, changing customizations and repairing of new Sony Ericsson phones. Internet connection is required no more! Besides, CRUISER includes complete FIGHTER functionality.

Supported phones:

- SonyEricsson:
Here is an excerpt from the latest models supported by Cruiser:
J210i, J210c, J220i, J220c, J220a, J230i, J230c, J230a, J300i, J300c.
K300i, K300c, K310i, K310c, K500i, K500c, K506c, K508i, K508c, K510i, K510c, K510a, K600i, K600c, K608i, K610, K700i, K700c, K750i, K750c, K758c, K790.
S700i, S700c, S710a.
V600i, V800, V802SE.
W300i, W300c, W550i, W550c, W600i, W700i, W700c, W800i, W800c, W810i, W810c, W810a, W850.
Z300i, Z300c, Z300a, Z500a, Z500i, Z500c, Z520i, Z520c, Z525a, Z530i, Z530c, Z530a, Z550i, Z550c, Z550a, Z610, Z800i, Z800c, Z1010i, Z1010c,...
- Sharp (Ericsson-based):
TQ-G400, TQ-G450.
V703SH, V801SH, V802SH, V902SH, V903SH,...
- LG (Ericsson-based):
U8110, U8120, U8130, U8138, U8180, U8330, U8360, U8380, U8550,...
- Siemens (Ericsson-based):
- All new Sony Ericsson DB2020 based phones.

- All GSM phones!

Sony Ericsson:
All GSM/3G Sony Ericsson phones:

Present features:
- Supports parallel flashing of up to 16 phones. Speed up to 140MBytes per 2 minutes.
- Unlock, flash and repair K310, K510, W300, W550, W600, W700, W810, Z525, Z530 and Z550 phones.
- The first software supporting fast direct unlocking Sharp V703SH and Sharp V903SH phones.
- The first software for unlocking Sharp V801SH, Sharp V802SH and V902SH phones.
- The first software that could unlock red CID36/37 phones.
- The first software that could unlock red CID49 phones without TP.
- Full support for unlocking LG U8180, U8330, U8360 and U8380 phones without testpoint.
- The first software that could unlock DB2020 phones.
- Unlock J210, J220, J230 and Z300.
- Full support for red/brown CID49 phones, without testpoint!
- Full support for red/brown CID36/37 phones, without testpoint!
- Can change flash certificates (CID/color) without testpoint.
- Possibility to operate with up to 16 phones in parallel using cheap Fighter USB cables.
- Possibility to operate via the original DSS-20 and DSS-25 synchronization cradles.
- Unlock SIM-locks. Can also read codes (supports also 16-digit long codes).
- Unlock userlock. Can also read userlock code.
- Relock SIM-lock to a specific net (handy for LG phones). MNC of 3 digits is supported too.
- Full security zone rebuild (unlock 4 locks closed) in R520/T39/T65 too.
- Change languagepack and software customization (also without losing user data).
- Contains an easy-to-use CDA tool. This allows to use the original Sony Ericsson Upgrade Service.
- Upgrade phone firmware.
- Upload signed file archives (SFA).
- Downgrade LG filesystem to allow unlocking.
- Convert K750 to W800, D750 to K750, V800 to Z800, F500 to K500,...
- Convert P900 to P910, T66 to T600, R380s to R380e,...
- W550/W600/V800/Z800/D750/K750/W800/K600/V600 EROM repair.
- Changing bandlock setting (to enable 1800MHz in some Z1010 phones).
- Changing color of RSA certificate - to force developer units (brown) to accept retail (red) firmware.
- Full support for cross-CID flashing. It is possible to flash CID16/17/29/36/37 phones by any-CID flashes.
- Automatic memory configuration analysis to prevent accidental GDFS damage - unlike other tools.
- Write almost any combination of languages.
- Write almost any combination of T9 dictionaries.
- Download languages and T9 dictionaries from the phone.
- Download files from the phone.
- Upload user files to the phone (audio, video, themes, etc.)
- Upload any file to any position in the directory structure - for advanced users.
- Repair dead, blinking and contact-operator phones.
- Repairing phones with completely destroyed security zone in case you have no backup.
- Emptyboard programming (IMEI filling, OTP area programming, RSA certificate upload...).
- Turn camera shutter sound on/off.
- Backup security zone.
- Restore security zone.
- Recalculate all security zone CRCs.
- Change phone type descriptor.
- Reset air time, reset total call time, reset life time.
- Reset joystick counter.
- Enable/disable channel info, battery info, SIM toolkit support, SMS capability.
- Backup/restore/copy GDFS calibration zones.
- COMPLETE FIGHTER FUNCTIONALITY INCLUDED! (i.e. all previous phones are supported).

Features to be added shortly:
- New flashes are to be uploaded within 5 days.
- Very hot update is upcoming in two (2) weeks.
- Updates are released every week!

- Standalone flashing of DB2020 phones was added to Cruiser for all owners of EMMA smartcard.
- CruiserLog Server is now available for all users who don\'t have EMMA smartcard, so everyone can flash DB2020 phones by buying CHEAP credit to our server.
- The latest K750, W710, W850, Z610 and Z710 flashes have been released recently.
- DB2020 empty-boards programming

- 1 USB Dongle Cruiser.
- 1 Siemens C62 Cable.
- 1 Sharp 902 Cable.
- 1 Sony Ericson T68 Cable.
- 1 Sony Ericson K750 Cable.
- 1 Lg 8110 Cable.
- 1 USB / RJ45 Adaptator Cable.

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