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Prodigy est l'interface de HW la plus populaire pour modifier  et diagnostiquer les téléphones mobiles Nokia.  Il est employé par des dizaines de milliers de personnes, il est tres simple d'utilisation.  Il est petit, exige juste le port LPT et un chargeur original de Nokia.

Supported phones and features:

The Phone info menu will provide a Full Description and details of any Nokia handset connected, including:
• Software version and Language pack.
• Phone IMEI.
• Product code and hardware information.
• For DCT3 and Linda handsets it will also display the user code.
Prodigy can upgrade/downgrade firmware in all Nokia handsets. The Auto function automatically detects the phone connected and loads the flash files for you, just simple selection of the language pack is required (the content pack is also automatically selected). If the phone is dead then you may use the manual option to select the required flash files. Prodigy is the only software on the market that can correctly flash the ADSP part of some Nokia phones. This ADSP part is responsible for the MP3 player and audio functions in N-Gage and Nokia 3300 phones. This is good for repairing possible contact service problems and other software related issues.

Prodigy can unlock all current Nokia mobile phones (GSM) by the simple click of a button, the phone is uploaded with the new lock data. Prodigy can also Re-lock Nokia phones, which can be very handy for service centres. You can just manually choose the network code required and type it in, click Upload SP data. That's it.

Audio Tests:
Prodigy can run Audio tests on all Nokia's. This will determine if the phones ringer is faulty or if it is just a software related bug.

Phone Reset:
Prodigy's phone reset page offers the following:
• Force user code.
• Set full factory.
• User data.
• Leave factory.
• Service centre.
• Software upgrade.
• Production tune.
• Format user area.
Each option is for different things, the format user area is good for all Symbian based phones and can cure many problems caused by faulty user data or bad software.

Prodigy's Eeprom section is great for backing up your phones important data before you carry out any work. If there is a problem with the handset at anytime you can just restore the critical data held in your phone via the eeprom write button.

Phone Tests:
The Phone Self Tests function is used to trace handset hardware and software faults. With this function, you will be able to determine the actual fault of the phone in less then 10 seconds. On every start-up, the phone MCU will perform certain self-tests on its hardware and software components and will log the report for later use. This menu in Prodigy will allow the user to read this log from the phone and show it on the screen. It is also possible to save the result as a back-up or so that it can be printed later. The screen will display the test results after they have been read from the handset. The user can also make the tests run again.

Phone Book:
The Prodigy Phonebook Menu is used to backup the phonebook before flashing the phone and restore the phonebook after flashing. Just click "Read" and Prodigy will retrieve the phonebook details from the handset and create a *.txt format file as a backup. Very handy for customers that do not want to loose their phone numbers.

The display tests area allows you to modify the Contrast of the phone, or run screen tests to determine if the LCD is faulty. For some Nokia coloured phones you can also adjust the contrast of the phone - 6100, 7210, 7650... etc.

Device Info:
Device info basically stores details about your Prodigy device, such as:
• Serial number.
• Device firmware version.
• Activation status.
Along with some other data. It is also used to update the firmware in your device when a new version is released, activation is done through this menu too once the firmware has been updated.

Unlock Codes:
Along with the SP locks section Prodigy can also remote unlock any Nokia, all you need is the IMEI and the network lock code that the phone is locked to. Enter the details and Prodigy will generate the required unlock codes. These are then entered via the phones keypad. That is it, phone unlocked.

Production Data Edit:
The Production Data Edit allows you to rewrite the following:
• Manufacture Date.
• Product Code.
• Hardware Version.
• Production Serial Number.
• Order Number.
Prodigy Connection: Prodigy offers full MBUS and FBUS communication support for all Nokia phones.


Prodigy is the first flasher on the market to offer Dual cable support, this allows you to use either Prodigy cables or 3rd party flasher cables through one connector allowing universal connectivity.

Freia For Siemens Mobile Phones (By Nutzo):
Freia supports Unlock and Full Flashing for most models of siemens phones the siemens cable plugs directly into your prodigy box for easy use, no need for com port.
Phones Supported by Freia:
C3x, M3x, S3x, A3x, C4x, S4x, A5x, A6x, M5x, MT5x, C6x, MC6, SL4x, SX1.
Please Note : This is a Free update for all Prodigy customers, We cannot Guarentee Further support/updates at this time. For further information please refer to the Friea support section in our forum.
DCT-3 :

NAM-1 3610 / NAM-2 2100 / NHM-2 3410 / NHM-3 6250 / NHM-5 3310 / NHM-6 3330 / NHM-9 3350/ NPE-3 6210 / NPM-5 5510/ NSE-1 5110 /NSE-2 5110i/ NSE-3 6110/ NSE-5 7110/ NSE-6 8810/ NSE-8 3210 / NSK-1 5130/ NSK-3 6130/ NSM-1 6150/ NSM-2 8850 / NSM-3 8210 / NSM-3D 8250/ NSM-4 8855/ NSM-5 5210 / NME-3 6090/ NPB-1 3390/NSB-1 5190/ NSB-3 6190/ NSB-6 8890/ NSB-7 8290 / RAE-2 9110 / RAE-3 9210/ RAE-5 9210i

NPL-1 6310i /NHL-4 7210/ RH-9 3510/ RH-4 6108/ NHM-7 8310/ NHL-2NA 7650/ NHL-4U 6610/ NHL-4J 7250 / NHL-6 6800/ NHL-4JX 7250i / NHL-8 3650/ NHM-4 8910/NHM-4NX 8910i / NHM-8 3510/ NPE-4 6310/ NPL-2 6100/ NPL-3 6200/ NPM-6 5100 / NPM-9 6510/ NPC-1 3320/ NPW-1 3360/ NPW-2 6360/ NSB-8 8390/ NSM-9 6590i / RH-13 6340i /NEM-1 3300 /NPM-10 3595/ NHM-1 6650/ NHL-10 6600/ RH18 1100/ RM-4 2300/RH-6 3108 / RH30 3200/ RH19 3100/ RH31 3200 b/ RH4 6108/ NKC-1 1220/ RH40 2220 / RH-14 3560/ NPM-8 3590 / NHM-10 3600/RH-21 3520/ RH20 6220/ NMM-3 7600/ NSB- 9 6800a/ RH-25 6560 / NPW-2 6360/NHL-9 6820/ RH-23 7200 " RH-12 6230

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