Roemmi 2

66 €

  • Motorola

• Works with PeMaster!
• New, very small and good looking design.
• USB supplied, no need for other power supply.
• Unlocks nearly all Motorola phones, even new xx.13.xx, xx.7F.xx firmwares, now works with T192.
• Detamper any phone in 2 seconds without open the phone, even T192 & Acompli.
• Flash upload/download for nearly all motorola phones.
• Can recover dead phones if it is not hardware problem.
• Flex phone, upload/download startup logo as well as melodies, relock phone to any network.
• Read and customize special sim unlock code to any number.
• Motokey for RoEmmi2 combatible for more easy use!

Supported phones and features:
• Motorola: c, d, cd: 160, 170.
• Motorola: d4xx, c, d, cd520.
• Motorola: cd920, cd930.
• Motorola: SlimLite.
• Motorola: StarTAC: 70, 75, 85, 130.
• Motorola: M3188, M3288.
• Motorola: M3588, M3688, M3788, M3888.
• Motorola: V3688, V3690, V2088, V2288.
• Motorola: "Timeport" L & P Series 7089, 7389.
• Motorola: T2288 / V2288.
• Motorola: P2088.
• Motorola: V50,V51.
• It can't use on new Motorola V50 (fw F0.14.04) directly & there is also no solution directly to it.
• I needs to downgrade the Software Version & Only possible by opening phone and using testpoint. included the cables: D560/V3688/T2288/T192

• 5 Cables.
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