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Universal Serial Phone Interfaces (USPI) 2005 USB Edition is a product impossible to circumvent for mobile telephony.  This new edition is based on an interface USB which enables him to be compatible with all the New models of mobile hone available on the market, USPI is really the best investment......

Phones supported:

• C250.
• C33x, C350, C350L, C38x
• C450.
• C550.
• C650.
• E380.
• T720, T722, T722i.
• V3
• V80
• V150, V180.
• V220.
• V300.
• V400.
• V500, V525, V550.
• V600.

• V3, V550, V300, v400, V500, v525, V600, E380, C650, C38x, V180, V80, V220, Most safe unlocking:
  o The software makes automatically backup of the SLZ zone where needed and phone can be restored at any moment.
  o Out can repair all software bugs in all models (exclude corrupted SLZ) by 'Repair/Upgrade' button.
  o You can change Language in almost all Vxxx handsets, also upgrade is possible.
  o SLZ repair feature is under development (Some of repair methods are already included in the 'Reset Subsidy' button)

• C33x, C350, C350L, C450, C550, V150, E380, t72xx :
  o Repair dead or about dead handsets.
  o Language customization.
  o Network/Provider decustomization.
  o Upgrade or Downgrade software Version.
  o Remove any locks.
  o Regional decustomization (like china to europe etc.)


• 2 cables.
• 1 LPT dongle.
• CD's with software and Flash files.
• Access to support site with newest flash files and updates.
• FTP Support

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