Dream Box

250 €

  • Siemens

New solution for Siemens phones!

Unlock&Flash without Testpoints!

DreamBox is a professional device designed for Siemens phones service and repairing. DreamBox works with a wide range of phone models. It provides the capabilities for diagnostics, restoring and repair of mobile phones.

Main features:
- unlock all locks and phone codes
- allow SP-Lock to any network
- read/write EEPROM, firmware, flash
- fast reading/writing language packs/T9 packs
- repair completely dead phones
- repair IMEI
- soft works with all known SW versions
- work with all Windows versions (win95, win98, win ME, win2000, winXP etc.)
- able to flash and communicate with phones at high speeds (921600 bps ) on any PC
- many boxes can be connected to one PC
- fast flashing, stable work on any PC
- remote UPDATE function (box firmware and software can be upgraded remotely)
- DreamBox is connected to PC through USB interface. On the opposite side the device has 2 inputs for connection with a phone.
- possibility to use with other flash formats

This is the current list of supported models. Other models will be added as device updates are released

A series
Siemens A31
Siemens A50
Siemens A51
Siemens A52
Siemens A52M
Siemens A52V
Siemens A55
Siemens A57
Siemens A60
Siemens A62
Siemens A62C
Siemens A65
Siemens A65C
Siemens A70
Siemens A75
Siemens AF51
Siemens AX72
Siemens AX75

C series
Siemens C45
Siemens C55
Siemens C60
Siemens C65
Siemens C66
Siemens C6C
Siemens C6V
Siemens C70
Siemens C72
Siemens C72V
Siemens C75
Siemens CF110
Siemens CF62
Siemens CF75
Siemens CX65
Siemens CX6C
Siemens CX6V
Siemens CX70
Siemens CX75
Siemens CX7C
Siemens CX7i
Siemens CX7V

M series
Siemens M46
Siemens M55
Siemens M65
Siemens M6C
Siemens M75
Siemens MC60
Siemens ME45
Siemens ME75
Siemens MT50

S series
Siemens S45
Siemens S45i
Siemens S46
Siemens S55
Siemens S65
Siemens S66
Siemens S6C
Siemens S6V
Siemens S75
Siemens SK65
Siemens SK6R
Siemens SL45
Siemens SL45i
Siemens SL55
Siemens SL65
Siemens SL6C
Siemens SL75
Siemens SX1

Other series
Siemens 3618
Siemens 6618

Siemens models that do NOT require disassembling
C45 C65 C66 C6C C6V C72 C75 CF75 CX65 CX70 CX75 CX7i M65 M75 ME75 M6C ME45 MT50 S45 S45i S65 SK65 SK6R SL45 SL45i SL65 3618 6618 C72V CX6C CX6V CX7C CX7V SL6C C70 S6V S6C S66 S46 S75 SL75
Siemens models that require to use testpoints
A50 A51 A52 A52V A55 A57 A60 A65 A70 A75 AX75 C55 C60 CF62 M46 M55 MC60 S55 SL55 A65C A52M CF110 A62C SX1 A62 AX72 A31 AF51
Phones from last update are highlighted

Package Includes:
- Dreambox device
- Siemens new x55/x65/x7x cable for Dreambox
- Siemens old x45/A50/s46 cable for Dreambox
- Testpoint cable for Dreambox
- USB (A-A) cable from PC to box

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