Data Cable LG 1100

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USB DATA CABLE is the perfect solution to all your synchronization needs, coupled with the latest software you can transfer pictures, music, contacts and much more from your handset to PC and vice versa. It works with software as supplied with your phone. This cable connects to the 'Pop-Port' connector on the phone and the USB socket on your PC.

LG Phones supported:
- 1100.
- C1100, C1200, C1400, C2200, C3300, C3320.
- F2100, F2300, F2400.
- G1600, G5500, G7020, G7030, G7050.
- L1100, L3100.
- S2100.
- T5100.

- High speed transfer (much faster than Bluetooth).
- USB interface 100% plug & play.
- Upload ringtones and wallpapers.
- Transfer images, ringtones, video and MP3 from your mobile phone to your PC.
- Edit and backup phonebook data.
- Send text messages (SMS) from your PC.
- Synchronize your phone with your PC.
- Enable GSM / GPRS modem compatibility.

- 1 LG 1100 Cable.
- 1 USB Driver.
- 1 LG Soft.

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